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Uncompensated Care costs thousands of dollars every month.

Undocumented services also lead to clinically inaccurate service plans. Do you know how much care you are actually providing each resident? Caretime Analytics can tell you.

Our system is used at the point of service for the most accurate information. We help the best operators become even better by complementing your existing electronic or paper-based resident tracking system. Our state of the art service is new and the only one of its kind.

Income graph Caretime Analytics increases care fees by comparing accurate care data with your billed care fees.

Here's what our customers have to say about Caretime Analytics:

"The iPod is easy to navigate, simple to train staff and fun for them to use."

"The study has resulted in a substantial increase in revenue for our company."

"It was an easy decision for us to continue running the study at other communities."

"The reports are easy to read and offer the ability to drill down into the details."

Easy. Accurate. Fair. It Works. Schedule a study at your facility today!